Working with Stephen Reviews

Over the years I’ve been fortunate to come across many amazing people and leave an impact on not only their photography but much more.  I strive to be something that is not packaged but more than advertised.This page.  From a young age I’ve looked at things in different ways and this might be a result of both being a middle child as well as continuously moving during my childhood.  It might be hard to fathom today there was a time I was an introvert as I was observed the world and all around me.  My love of challenging my own thinking and overcoming views that I could not do something I was determined more that ever to do things differently.  At most of my jobs though out my years I’ve ended up in a leadership position of training others usually in my own proven methods.  I also spend a vast amount of my time trying to discover new ideas and thoughts.  As a professional one never never stops learning and inspiring others.  My passion for photography is only matched by my love of the city I call home – Hong Kong.


Kavish – Photographer – South Africa

Challenging Kav to see the world in a different light

Challenging Kav to see the world in a different light

Oct 2013 – Most artists are satisfied with a good perspective of a particularly scene, not Stephen – he pushes the boundaries as to what’s possible and creates from a completely unique perspective. I guess you can say his artistry can be felt and seen in each masterpiece he creates.

Stephen has the rare ability to anticipate a scene and to capture dramatic, emotional rich images in motion.

Having the opportunity to watch this masters work ethic and passion for his craft will always remain with me as an inspiring example of excellence

Nov 2014 – Having the opportunity to photograph and learn from a master artist was truly a dream come true.

I met Stephen for the first time while shooting some street images and was immediately impressed by his passion for photography and Hong Kong. The few minutes I spent with him had a major impact in the way I saw Hong Kong and I promised myself to return and create images with him. When I returned 2 years later, I got the opportunity to see Hong Kong from Stephens perspective. Stephen knows all the best vantage points of experiencing the city and its unique quirks, perfect for getting the most mesmerizing images of its people, city and landscapes.

Stephens work ethic and passion for creating the most unique images and time lapse videos has prompted me to look deeper into my own photography and I am very grateful for having the opportunity to watch and learn from a true master. Stephen’s images and time lapse videos have inspired me in a major way and I will always appreciate the time spent with him.

Only our “connection” can transcend mere reasoning resulting in a story from the heart…..Thank you Stephen for inspiring me to be more connected.


Cary Babrowsky – Hong Kong and USA

A thirty year visitor to Hong Kong and now a permanent resident having lived here for the last thirteen years. My business is here, my boys virtually raised here so you can say Hong Kong is my second home. It’s a beautiful city with wonderful people . What I love about Hong Kong is it is a city of contrasts. Most visitors of Hong Kong immediately recognize the big city vibe. The majestic edifices sprouting from the sides of the mountain, shopping malls galore, critically acclaimed restaurants with every style of food one can imagine. As an avid hiker I have managed to explore the other side of Hong Kong. There are over 400km of hiking trails that traverse the mountainous and green landscape of Hong Kong. With over 1100 sq km of land, 3/4 of it is countryside. Not a well known fact to the casual visitor or even long time residents. Of course on a short stay it’s really hard to take in all this beauty. However the genius of my photographer friend, Stephen Duddridge, has allowed many to experience the spectacular landscape of Hong Kong and present this city of contrast like no other person I know. His panoramic photographs are breath taking and his time lapse photography allows the viewer to experience the heartbeat of this city. I’ve hiked at least 200km of those 400km of trails and I still marvel at the artistry of Stephen’s work because it takes a special eye to capture this city. Of course to capture these spectacular views Stephen often does so at great personal risk. Many trips to the ER for broken bones, sprains, stitches and even dog bites. He goes through great lengths for his artistic license. The end product……….Brilliance!