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LapseOfTimeHK has the largest collection of time lapse stock footage available from all over Hong Kong. Offering rates that are competitive with stock libraries why not go directly to the source. Requests should be directed to [email protected]Coming soon to this website is a sampling of footage available. I’m also able to get out and meet requests as I’m stationed in Hong Kong as a permanent resident, Get the footage and inside info from a local. Hong Kong can be a challenging location as weather is not cooperative and getting to best locations takes a great deal of scouting.
Direct contact with Provider of Time Lapse Stock Footage
Dealing with Stephen directly at LapseOfTimeHK means that the loop and lines of communications are simplified. Plus you are ensuring that this is a photographer who is specialized in time lapse.
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Hong Kong Based Photographer

Stock Footage Hong Kong

Hong Kong Afternoon Light Hitting ICC

Late afternoon is a very unique light show over Hong Kong as the sun sets one gets rays of natural light scattering of the ICC.  This is unusual because the design of the building called for glass to lay back instead of laying flat.  It also has the city divided by light as the sun falls behind mountains during winter months.

Stock Footage: Storm Over Hong Kong and Laser Show

Stock Footage: Footage starts with amazing rolling low clouds.  As the laser show starts up the rain moves across the scene.  The rains get very heavy to the point visibility is only a short distance.  Then the clouds change direction and the lightning show begins.

Thunderstorm Over Busy Kowloon Bay Evening

Stock Footage: Thunderstorms are amazing in Hong Kong but life goes on as the casino boats head out to International waters for an evening of fun. Lightning makes for dramatic footage in beautiful HD. 4K footage available..

Hong Kong Central Night Traffic

Hong Kong Office Workers moving around pedestrian pathways.  People in offices moving about.  Cars rapidly exiting the city.  Catching the motion and essence of Hong Kong all in HD time lapse.  Zooming and panning options available. Stock footage available in 4k and lower and many different options from the most flexible and largest collection of Hong Kong time lapse.

Hong Kong Famous Skyline Afternoon to Night

Captures the true beauty of Hong Kong as it transitions from natural light to city lights.  Stock footage available in all formats.  Available in full length or specific footage.  Exclusive footage available as well as commissioning.

Hong Kong Fog In The City

Stock footage available in 4k and lower and many different options from the most flexible and largest collection of Hong Kong time lapse. There are days in the spring more than the autumn (fall) that due to changing weather one sees some amazing sights.  They are not so obvious in real-time but speed them up and it all becomes amazing.  Looking west across Victoria Harbour with IFC2 and ICC mirroring themselves across the harbour.  Boats continuously flow through Victoria Harbour around the clock and only a T8 or T10 can bring it to a standstill.

Hong Kong Container Terminal with Hong Kong in Background

Looking over Hong Kong’s Container Terminal in Rambler Channel.  Night time highlights the activity that goes on around the clock in the Port of Hong Kong.  As one of the busiest shipping ports in the world it shows how Hong Kong is forever moving.

Tsing Yi – Sunset to Storm

Looking over Hong Kong’s Container Terminal in Rambler Channel.  Transitioning from a beautiful afternoon with clouds forming.  As the afternoon became evening the weather changed.  See the action below as the city itself provides a stunning backdrop.

Tsing Ma Sunset To Storm

Hong Kong is surrounded by Islands.  The channels between them are busy with never ending boat traffic around the clock.  Watch as clouds form and as day becomes night the weather turns for the worse.

Hong Kong Storm over Kowloon Bay

Spring and summer thunderstorms can occur at anytime.  They can last for endless hours.  Stock footage is available from different locations.  Buy time lapse stock footage as a whole video or segments.