LapseOfTimeHK aka Stephen’s photographs are broken into two distinctive categories offering the largest collection of prints of Hong Kong.  The more traditional prints but with far more drama than the standard post card image. The more traditional single images high light aspects that are unique to Hong Kong.  The second type is a unique and almost dreamlike series called “Blend of Time”.

This site is is an overview of my collection of work.   The full collection is very extensive and now located at It is an extension of my passion as a photographer.  There is no management team or investors behind the scenes.  This is the same photographer who captures the images and then brings them to life.  This is why I want this site to be as flexible and non-corporate as possible.  I give you the option to choose the size of print or even the cropping if needed.  Print materials are also a selection.  Once you buy the image you will not see the same one in your friends house as I pull the image from the site and it is either re-processed or put into the archives.  By purchasing from this site you are supporting not only my passion but someone who gives back to the local community directly.  This includes spending countless hours encouraging and mentoring the youth of all ages.  We don’t need more programs we need more giving of oneself.

Blend of Time
Fragrant Harbour - Victoria Harbour Hong Kong
Trams - Ding Ding

The widest range and most dynamic images capturing the essence of Hong Kong. Available in many different aspect ratios and sizes as well as custom cropping and sizes. Optional print types available.

Purchasing Info: Looking to order a print there are many ways to purchase my the artist directly.  This is an artist created site and continuously updated work of passion.  You can click on the image and get pricing details.  You can also contact me directly with the image link or name or even a specific image type request.  Every picture captures the essence of Hong Kong and welcome an inquires.  More details or go to for more options.
3-1 Aspect Ratio Panoramic Pictures
3-to-2 Aspect Ratio Pictures
4 to 1 Aspect Ratio Panoramic Pictures