Photography Services

At Lapse Of Time Hong Kong professional photographer Stephen Duddridge is bringing is passion for not only photography but teaching to new market places.  This means that others have the chance from benefiting from a photographer who takes everything to new levels in as his always trying to push the limits of his mind, body and equipment.  Time lapse photography has not only taken him all over Hong Kong it’s given him a new way of seeing and thinking.  He’s aware of the newest trends, technologies and fads.  Rather than following and being limited by conventional thinking he would prefer to do something like no other.  This means taking risks and stepping out of the comfort of the norm.  The following list is only a few examples of the services available today.  Please note that these might sound like some other services available and many are new.  The skills, attitude, passion and deep insight and instinct can’t be matched.  If you’re looking for the same old safe results then working with Stephen is not for you.  If you’re looking for something that will challenge yourself and bring out the best in what you’re trying to convey then we will create something special. Not all photographers are made the same. Today a vast majority spend time talking models and technical specs blah, blah, blah.  Stephen is not one of those.  The camera, picture and photographer paradigm has become imbalanced on all the financial aspects.  This has resulted in many cases one area losing focus and that’s the mind behind the shot.

Inside Out Hong Kong Photo Tours

Each and every tour is catered around you schedule, demands and intentions.  That means if you have a few hours and want to see something or want to learn some of my skills in capturing or even processing a certain image then we do that.  If you need to come to Hong Kong and shoot for a client and need to get a specific image we can do that.  Tours can be arranged based on any of your interests from rocky remote shores to the most famous of skylines and everything in-between. more detail or fill out the form below

Tours and mentoring sessions designed around you.   Get ready to be challenged and see Hong Kong in an all new way.

Tours and mentoring sessions designed around you. Get ready to be challenged and see Hong Kong in an all new way.

Mentoring Photo Workshops

Technology is simply amazing today offering us so much that we have not had before.  We have an incredible database of images plastered all over the internet and in other media outlets.  Cameras are able to work in lower light and shoot more frames and store more shots than ever before.  Software has taken post production from the few using dark room to the masses using powerful and affordable tools such as Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and many others.  We have an incredible collection of ways to learn and expand our technical skills and we can spend time doing traditional courses or even on-line education through forums, YouTube to name just a few.  These are great if you want to get the common results and improve you skills one step at a time.

“Stephens work ethic and passion for creating the most unique images and time lapse videos has prompted me to look deeper into my own photography and I am very grateful for having the opportunity to watch and learn from a true master. Stephen’s images and time lapse videos have inspired me in a major way and I will always appreciate the time spent with him.” – Kavish Rajpaul – Photographer – South Africa

The mentoring program is designed to challenge the photographer and get them to strip away the traditional thinking and look at the camera in a new light.  Stephen has taken millions of pictures and as someone who challenges his everyday thinking loves to share this and pull the seeds of potential out of others.  Your skill level, age and experience does not need to at any particular level.  What you do need to be is be open to a new way of using the most important photography tool you have.  The mentoring can be done be a few hours or done over an extended time.  This can be extended via on-line for photography components such as post production tips and advice. Use the from below

The way I work training through mentoring is different as I focus on your objectives and expectations. That will mean I will need you to supply me with your present skills and thoughts on photography. The course will be unique and challenging but most important the start of a fun journey of exploration.

“We can not teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves.” Galileo

Product Development

Companies spend lots of time and money creating product concepts but from my personal experience they could all use a little more professional photographer input.  Stephen puts his equipment through incredibly harsh real world test.  Time lapse photography is demanding on all equipment and we quickly find out what stands the test of time.  More often than not we very quickly determine the limitations of different products.  Stephen has years of experience working between factories and innovators often adding his perspective, foresight and divergent thinking to benefit all.  Do you have a product in any stage of development or production that needs honest and open feedback.  Based out of Hong Kong I’m a the frontier of many productions houses and trade shows.  Seeing so many new and exciting products with so many coming up short because they did not dare to get an experts opinion.  Your success is at the front of my mind during all efforts.  Use the form below.

Special Occasion Photo Sessions

Stephen will open up three sessions a month to photograph.  Decisions to photograph an event – pre-wedding, wedding, family day or any other event will be confirmed after a pre-shoot meeting. The purpose of these meetings is to ensure that you the client not only get the result but I feel that I can work with you to get said results.

Time Lapse Stock Footage

Not all time lapses are the same and most lack the fundamentals of what makes “wow”.  One can buy new toys and other tricks but if the image is not captivating to start with then nothing will give it impact. LaspeOfTimeHK has the largest collection of stock footage at 25% less than going through stock houses like Getty Images etc.  You won’t find our stock footage anywhere so you can ensure exclusivity of a scene.

Hong Kong's largest and most diverse collection of Time Lapse Footage.   I'm working on cataloging footage library.  If needed please contract me directly

Hong Kong’s largest and most diverse collection of Time Lapse Footage. I’m working on cataloging footage library. If needed please contract me directly

Time Lapse Commissioned Footage

Working on a project or need something unique.  Contact us directly and we will get it made.  From shooting to post production all aspects can be done in-house.  Communication is made easy and nothing is outsourced so no time lags on my end.

Commissioned Photography

Trying to capture the essence of a product, place or whatever it might be is always a challenge.  Today we see more than ever a component of sameness.  Photographers have become more about the gear and technical issues than the challenge of trying to express something in a new way.  Until everyone is happy and I’m usually the last one then the job is not done.  Like with all services offered from Stephen Duddridge it’s about a partnership to get the results needed.

Regardless of what service you require from Lapse of Time HK this is not going to be like working with traditional media houses.  The focus on our business is giving you experience that not only makes you keep coming back but also sending others confident that they will get the same results.  The results are a reflective of the team and being part of that means wanting to ensure that we deliver more value than expected.

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