Blend of Time
Fragrant Harbour - Victoria Harbour Hong Kong
Trams - Ding Ding

Extreme Weather – City of Extremes

Mountains, Ocean, and even buildings play an effect on the weather in Hong Kong.  Hong Kong pushes everything to the max so why would be any different.  When thunderstorms can last hour after hour. The clouds can drop to almost the ground or when wakes up to see clear skies but clouds below it’s a stunning sight.  Then we have typhoons that bring strong winds, rain and some of the most amazing colourful sunrises and sunsets one will see.

Shooting in extreme weather conditions always add an element of danger and add technical issues.  We might be better at knowing what might happen and where but it’s all unpredictable.  That’s why I joke that in Hong Kong we have an Observatory because it’s often best to look out the window to get the accurate picture.  The mountains, oceans and high rises all play a part in the stunning images as a result of their contributions.

LapseOfTimeHK images are all unique and once the image has been sold at a set size above 20″ in one dimension it will be unavailable in that size. The original will either go back for reprocessing or will go into the vaults.  If you purchase an image fitting that and you see the image for sale I will refund you the purchase price plus shipping.  Prints are available in Lambada on normal paper and metallic paper.  Fine Art paper using newest Inkjet technologies and finest local labs. Images can also be printed on canvas.  For businesses we also offer the service where you can rent and image over a period of time to keep your office image current.  More details
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