Honest, open, candid and fluid reviews by a myself a professional photographer for photographers.  Reviews that are open and honest to assist all those from users to providers.  Explaining to you what attracted me to the product, the purpose and more importantly how it holds up in the field.   As a professional time-lapser I’m always looking for new gear and pushing what I have to the limits.  That is why I’m introducing dynamic unbiased reviews.   As I’m based in Hong Kong I have a dynamic range of trade shows, manufactures, and gadget crazy users that allow me to enlightened to many new items, some of value and many not.  I stand by the words that I will not take money from companies to promote products, every time I will disclose if I paid retail price, received a discount or was offered something for free.  The only condition I have for a company to uses my review is they put a link back to the original  review so customers can see the latest updates plus take advantage of any cross marketing promotions if we both feel it’s in best interests of our customers.  Not that I would turn away samples to test at no time do I believe that the product makes the work.  Tools are here to enhance our skill set, nothing more and nothing less, the photographer makes the picture.  If a company wants to send me new products to test and get feedback on design I would be more than willing to do that but I would have to charge a consulting fee for my time.  It in no way means that I would put my name on the product unless I made large contribution to the final product.  An informed consumer is a better consumer.  A product designed with the assistance of a professional will always be a better product going forward.  A product that listens to the recommendations will always receive the praise and attention they deserve.  A consumer base who makes educated decisions and supports companies that respect their hard money need to be promoted in a fair and honest way.

Principle of Reviews

1. What attracted me to the product in the first place and why this product

2. Company profile – I want to work on assisting the innovators and new companies that are so critical to advancements in all fields but also the health of our global economy

3. A thorough breakdown of the product itself.  Much of the review will be image based as photographers trust images more than words even though both depend on perspective.

4. Periodic Updates – first impressions are one thing but how does the product hold up long term.  What is the support like and what simply never worked.  As a humanist I depend on the fact that we must all look out for one another.  Companies need our support and we need theirs as at the end of the day especially small companies are real people.

Submitting requests for reviews or sending products to be tested either in production or before final production please use the form below to contact myself.


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