Blend of Time
Fragrant Harbour - Victoria Harbour Hong Kong
Trams - Ding Ding
Hong Kong – Urban Landscape – Victoria Harbour is a dynamic fast moving international city like no other on this planet. It’s a crossroads of east meets west, old and new coexist. The city is senses overload.  The skyline itself takes one is awe for it’s sure density and contrast.  Most people could draw up an idea of the skyline but to the whole picture is challenging.  It’s also one of the most photographed skylines along with Dubai and New York today.  Hong Kong due it’s natural geography is forever reclaiming as well as redeveloping to meet the demands of an ever expanding population.  It’s constantly ranked in the top ten most livable cities globally.  Not to say it does not have it’s problems.  It faces many of the same problems seen around in some cases the gap between rich and poor is more polarizing.

Fragrant Harbour - Victoria Harbour Hong KongLapseOfTimeHK images are all unique and once the image has been sold at a set size above 20″ in one dimension it will be unavailable in that size. The original will either go back for reprocessing or will go into the vaults.  If you purchase an image fitting that and you see the image for sale I will refund you the purchase price plus shipping.  Prints are available in Lambada on normal paper and metallic paper.  Fine Art paper using newest Inkjet technologies and finest local labs. Images can also be printed on canvas.  For businesses we also offer the service where you can rent and image over a period of time to keep your office image current.  More details
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