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Hong Kong Less Travelled – Article Pak Lap Wan Beach

Hong Kong Less Travelled – Article Pak Lap Wan Beach Summer 2014
Lapse of Time HK is proud to announce that I’ll be working with the blog “Hong Kong Less Travelled”  to focus on the other side of Hong Kong away from the skyscrapers and city lights.  All the images that are on the blog will […]

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InspireMeWith Interview Stephen Duddridge

InspireMeWith Interview Stephen Duddridge
Photographer, Hong Kong

Tell us a little about yourself and what you do.

After having moved around a lot as a child, I look at myself as a global citizen. Constant travel has made a strong impact on me, and from a very young age I knew that I enjoyed visualizing the world across a […]

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Shooting the Impossible: Meet the Man who Goes to Extremes to Capture the Unseen Side of Hong Kong

(Aug 2014) LapseOfTimeHK is proud to announce a new and more interactive web-site.  This site will be hosting not only my portfolio that will actively updated but also on going blog.  As it gets built up it will also include a web commerce component for purchasing “This is Hong Kong” blu-ray, prints and digital downloads as […]

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RELEASE NOTICE: “This is Hong Kong” Blu-ray

RELEASE NOTICE: “This is Hong Kong” Blu-ray 
Hong Kong, China – Lapse of Time HK announced today that it will be releasing its first Digital Art Blu-ray, “This Is Hong Kong: Volume 1,” on November 26, 2013. The collection captures a wide array of stunning distinctive views of Hong Kong and serves not only as a Digital Almanac for the year 2012 […]

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