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5 to 4 Aspect Ratio (Off Square)

The 5 to 4 aspect ratio (off square) is a an off shoot of the square image where I feel in post processing that chopping of 20 percent of the images sacrifices too much to the finished image..  Now a choice in some digital still cameras and applications like Instagram highlight the format that goes back to the days of film cameras when the square image was popular with photographers using single lens reflex cameras.  Today we have so much more flexibility with digital technologies.  We can crop down an image to a standard dimension or we can create something new that works best for the image.  This gives us dynamic new ways to present such things as giant panoramas to display what was originally captured.

Printing Info for 4:5 aspect ratio.  Common sizes 8” x 10” 12” x 15”,16” x 20”, 20” x 25” etc (custom sizes as well as larger sizes are available in many different types of print formats – use the form below to contact me)  NOTE – Print sizes will vary slightly as cropping might not always create an exact dimension as stated above.  In order to keep pricing and organizing as simple as possible they have been put into closest aspect ratio.  If you need exact dimensions they are available.

LapseOfTimeHK images are all unique and once the image has been sold at a set size above 20″ in one dimension it will be unavailable in that size. The original will either go back for reprocessing or will go into the vaults.  If you purchase an image fitting that and you see the image for sale I will refund you the purchase price plus shipping.  Prints are available in Lambada on normal paper and metallic paper.  Fine Art paper using newest Inkjet technologies and finest local labs. Images can also be printed on canvas.  For businesses we also offer the service where you can rent and image over a period of time to keep your office image current.  More details

3-1 Aspect Ratio Panoramic Pictures
3-to-2 Aspect Ratio Pictures
4 to 1 Aspect Ratio Panoramic Pictures