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Hong Kong Photos and Time Lapse – Essence of Time


Hong Kong Photos and Time Lapse – Essence of Time – Featuring “Blend of Time” and “This Is Hong Kong”.

LapseOfTimeHK creator Stephen Duddridge is a global citizen who is proud to call this amazing city Hong Kong.  He feels a very special bond with the city and goes beyond and is driven by his passion to show it like no other photographer of his time.

His first project of note is  “This is Hong Kong” time lapse blu-ray.  That is available on this site as well as  It is also available at numerous outlets around Hong Kong and is always looking for new partners.  Volume one took almost three years to complete.  It was a journey of discovering that pushed not only him to the limits but every aspect he came in touch with.  During this time he became very a renowned expert as he was able to overcome many of the issues that are inherent with time lapse.  An aspect that Stephen focused on was first framing an appealing image and then ensuring it comes alive so code of shooting is very specific and demanding. Consisting of millions of pictures shot all over Hong Kong in some of the most remote areas and challenging conditions the main goal was to create digital art that would open eyes to the fabulous and dynamic city than leaves a mark like no other.

During this time he has built up an incredible collection of stunning images.  His ultimate goal is to shoot what others would not consider possible.  This has been achieved as he has learned the limitations of his cameras and looked at approaching challenges from a new approach.  The mind is an extension of the camera and the camera is a recording device and it’s then up to the mind to complete the work.  This has resulted in stunning works from panoramas, freezing of time or his newest exclusive collection called “Blend of Time”.  Blend of Time takes many thousands of images taken over a period of time to show the best of the day in one single image.

Now Stephen Duddridge is offering not only the blu-ray for sale but also his prints.  Digitally blended images called “Blend of Time” and his other photography are available in not only many different sizes but print types as well paper options.  Each and every print is a one of kind as Stephen will ensure that everyone stands out from the other.  The focus is first on capturing the essence and secondly you should not only pay a fair price but know you are getting something that is truly unique.  Once you’ve ordered the image that image will be removed from the site as is and the original will be reworked into a new piece.  Yes and if you like lots of aspects about an image but want to re-crop it and would prefer a change to colouring or digital effect feel free to contact me to get it done.  Deal directly with the artist and that includes contacting him for commissioning work or even purchasing images.  We live in a dynamic age where the possibilities are endless and now more than ever new age artists need support to break away from the standard old school methods.   and I’m looking forward to keep expanding the library of choices so ensure you add to your bookmarks and follow-us on Facebook or Google+.

           “you should not only pay a fair price but know you are getting something that is truly unique, one of a kind print”

The mind of a photographer is one that many love to tap into.  As a natural learner, challenger and teacher I’m proud to announce I’m going to be offering some very unique services.  The first one is a a walk-about tour for those who want to see the side of Hong Kong that is not in the tour books.  Yes this means that we are going to go to many of the hidden gems I’ve been to over the years.  They could be a remote sunrise location, a busting street market, back alleys, quite temple or a picture postcard sunset locations only knows to a few of the locals.   The next is an extension of the walk-about tour but with a challenge factor added to it.  This is for those who are ready to take that technical know how and then learn to see the camera as a tool and the mind itself as the main component of photography.  Lastly I will be adding to my schedule three – yes only three shoots a month for pre-wedding or wedding capturing sessions.  This is taking my unique shooting methods as well as processing styles to an area that will make for a very different experience.  These three sessions will only be booked once the couple are interviewed to ensure they are open and willing to work in a manner that will ensure the best possible results.

Buy a print over $HK800 receive a free copy of "This is Hong Kong" - Hong Kong like it's never been seen before.
Buy a print over $HK800 receive a free copy of “This is Hong Kong” – Hong Kong like it’s never been seen before.

Stephen Duddridge is committed to being a photographer who make all that appears in front of his camera as stunning and beautiful as possible.  Hong Kong over-powers all the senses and if the image must capture that feeling.  To keep up with his active blogs that will break down the city into smaller subgroups and new images and offerings please bookmark and subscribe to this page as well as follow me on most social-media platforms.  Your support and sharing of my work helps immensely as we all need to cover our expenses.






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