Hong Kong Photos and Time Lapse – Essence of Time – Featuring “Blend of Time” and “This Is Hong Kong”.

LapseOfTimeHK creator Stephen Duddridge is a global citizen who is proud to call this amazing city Hong Kong.  He feels a very special bond with the city and goes beyond and is driven by his passion to show it like no other photographer of his time.

Hong Kong Prints

LapseOfTimeHK Photographs

Prints are for sale at my site www.thisis.hk as it’s easier to maintain one site for images and another for time lapse footage. The site offers a great deal of variety from sizes, print materials and as expected dramatic topics that capture the true Hong Kong.

The exclusive bluray “This is Hong Kong” that ships internationally is now available to order directly with global shipping from www.thisis.hk

Time Lapse Stock Footage

Stephen Duddridge is based in Hong Kong and has spent over 4 years perfecting the art of time lapse. His first project “This is Hong Kong” was the result of millions of pictures. Now offering direct contact with maker and producer of footage you require. contact today at [email protected]

The Essence of Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a city life no other. Today we are surrounded by sameness in so many aspects of life. Why not see how I captures this beauty via time lapse and photography. His wide catalog of images as well as “Blend of Time” images is always expanding. Like an image he does not believe prints should be restricted by size or media type. Any ideas or requests should be forwarded directly to myself via contact forms.
Behind the Camera is a a section of unbiased reviews about some of the equipment that I use to capture my images.
City in focus is designed to give those interested in coming to Hong Kong more information and images in a neat organized manner. This section will continue to see updates when I have down days.
As a photographer I prefer to capture images and let the work do the talking. The reality is people need to hear what drives me to do what drives me to the edge of sanity and the odd time beyond.
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    City In Focus in Hong Kong
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  • Hong Kong Less Travelled – Article Pak Lap Wan Beach
  • Fireworks - China National Day, October 1st, New Years Eve & Chinese New Year
  • The Colours of a Typhoon
  • Hong Kong Bad Air Days
  • Tram - Ding Ding - a ride into History
  • Hong Kong City of Lights